2016 Monita Marine installations as system monitoring fuel level in the tank to monitor the volume of fuel in tankers.

2015 Monita installation as the first Marine Vessel Tracking System and fuel consumption monitoring system on the ship.

2014 The product launch Monita Log Pad; The first buyer is PT. Kangean Energy Endonesia Ltd.

2013 Rod Drop Installation Monitoring; first installation of monitoring that can be monitored from the central office (not via the public network).

2012 Monita first installation for the monitoring system of PLTD by interfacing data from SCADA systems.

2012 PT Daun Biru Engineering moved to its own building on Jl. Raya Pekapuran, Depok.

2011 Monita first installation for system monitoring and protection Diesel Engine Main Bearing PLTD.

2010 Monita launch of Version 3 (Visual Monita): web-based, with data protocols, modules, data processing systems, and systems HMI (Human Machine Interface) new.

2010 Monita first installation for system monitoring feeders / feeder at the substation and PLTD.

2009 Monita first installation for system monitoring Power Hybrid (Solar Panels & Wind Turbine).

2008 Monita initial installation of monitoring systems Diesel Engine PLTD.

2007 PT Daun Biru Engineering moved to the area of White Wood (Jl. Pelitur); Monita research for Online Monitoring System starts.

2006 Daun Biru products, Haliza Reciprocating Machinery Analyzer, gaining acceptance in industrial environments and PLTD.

2005 PT Daun Biru Engineering stand at Pulomas Region, East Jakarta.